Feline Day at the Spa

The 2nd Saturday of each month
Serene and peaceful environment
No canines allowed

Aromatic scented salon entices the senses while soft music prepares felines for the finest grooming.

Elite Clients:

Our elite feline clients with standing appointments every 8 weeks or sooner will receive a specialty bath at no extra charge.

Grooming Includes:

Creme Rinse
Fluff Dry
Nails Clipped
Ears Cleaned
Sanitary Clip
Slight Trim


Short hair feline $54
Long hair feline $64
Persian/Himalayan/Maine Coon $74
Hair Cut - Lion Cut $35
~in good condition~
Shed less short hair $26
Shed less long hair $36

Age appropriate vaccinations required.

Grooming Procedures

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Finished Felines