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Hand Stripping

Elite Clients

Our Elite Canine Clients with standing appointments every 8 weeks or sooner will receive anal gland expression and specialty baths at no extra charge.

Free Consultation

This consultation consists of a 15 minute appointment for meet-and-greet purposes. This is to evaluate your grooming needs, desired style, obtain your grooming fee and to view the spa.

Grooming Includes

Shampoo, Creme Rinse and Fluff Dry
Nails Clipped
Ears Cleaned
Sanitary Trim
Slight Trim or Haircut Depending on Breed Specifications




Express Grooming

Additional $30 fee which entails a 2 hour grooming appointment.


Grooming is done by appointment.


Walk- in toenail clipping , ear cleaning and retail shopping.

 Age appropriate vaccinations required.

Grooming Procedures


Finished Canines